About Lunatech

Lunatech is a software development company founded in 2014. We are passionate about ground breaking technology and the implementation of first of its kind software solutions which revolutionize the market place. Being at the forefront of modern technologies, specifically blockchain based, affords us to ensure this vision.

The team is situated in Jeffreys Bay, South Africa. Although we established ourselves in a sleepy surf town, it is by no means reflected in our work. We are involved in major Projects implemented with international partners from around the world using pioneering technology. We do however choose to do so within the relaxed environment of our beautiful home town.

We work hard but have fun doing so, our philosophy is based on the belief that a pleasant workplace results in inspired, creative and hardworking employees. Lunatech is therefore committed to ensuring an exciting yet relaxed environment within which employees can perform to the best of their capabilities.

Meet the team

Our Vision

The company's future

Our core purpose is to write software that is useful, easy to use, and does what it needs to do better than our competitors. We need to deliver in a timely manner, and ensure we are satisfying the requirements, as well as the customer. We aim to deliver software that works well, is visually appealing, stable, secure and efficient. Each and every project has its own problems and challenges, but we are here to make solutions.

We have a very effective team, and we are more than capable. Each and every one of us is extremely passionate about coding, architecture, stability, re-usability, and we have a great understanding. Let’s work together to achieve new heights! Let’s develop and collaborate, so that we can celebrate. There is nothing stopping us from being the greatest development team that there can be.

None of us need to stop short at just satisfying, I know we will go the extra mile and deliver applications that are reliable, that not only satisfy our users but make them smile. Let’s be responsive, innovative and clear.

Our Values


We are a goal oriented and driven company.


We're always willing to take risks in favour of growth.


We're a dedicated company and always do our best!


We're united as one team and look forward to growth.


We uphold the highest standard of integrity,


We treat everyone with respect & appreciation.


We as a team are accountable to you for everything we do.


We understand the importance of positivity

Development Process

We love seeing your business grow and the process we’ve developed over the years combines methodology, relationships, and dedication to client and project success helping us execute every project both on time and on budget. We stick to this process because it works. With this process, we’re able to provide results, solutions, and a solid plan to help your business soar.